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    Centennial homes for sale offer location, schools and elbow room.



    Ok, besides the fact that the city of Centennial is a longer strange shape, it encompasses some of the best suburban real estate in the entire Denver metro area. The western half features easy Tech Center access which also gets you to I-25 or light rail. They continue to try and improve I-25, however, it does not seem possible to keep up with growth. If you have the chance to tailor your commute around Denver’s light rail system, it will greatly help your sanity as well as a open up some free time in your commute to either work or just relax. Enough about transportation. Just poke around some of the quiet tree lined winding streets and you will quickly understand why Centennial is such a popular destiantion for many home buyers. Eastern Centennial is intertwined withe some great neighborhoods that are technically Aurora. As you drive east, it is nearly impossible to really see any difference between the two cities. Eastern Centennial offers more home for the same dollar as well as some significantly larger and newer homes. The Eastern half has been slower to develop which means the homes are newer. In addition, the land is cheaper than wester Centennial. As a result, you will find a larger home for the same dollar or better finishes or potentially a larger yard. Typically however, newer homes have smaller yards.


    One major draw for Centennial is the quality of the schools.

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