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    Golden Colorado is a great small town with quick access to Downtown Denver or the Mountains. Golden was founded in 1859 during the Pikes Peak Gold Rush.  Much of the original character still exists around town.  There are still quite a few buildings around town from Golden’s earliest years. The town is surrounded mountains to the west and two large Mesa’s to the east. The combination of older buildings and scenic views make Golden very unique and beautiful.

    The School of Mines is located at the southern border of Downtown and brings a youthful vibe to much of Golden. To the North, along Highway 93, the terrain quickly opens up and provides excellent access to Jefferson County White Ranch Park. 20 minutes North is Boulder, Colorado. The drive is very scenic.   Just to the East of Downtown Golden is Coors Brewing which still employs a significant number of Golden Residents.  The brewery tours are popular. Just 10 minutes south of Golden you intersect I-70 and find shopping as well as Red Rocks Amphitheater.

    Outdoor Activities

    Clear Creek flows through town and  provides a water play park in town and further upstream you will find kayakers and rock climbers. Just above Clear Creek to the south is Lookout Mountain. When the wind is right you will see quite a few paragliders launching from Lookout Mountain. The top of the mountains is.. well you guessed it… a lookout. You can see 50 miles or more when the weather is perfect. By the way, the weather here is often perfect.

    Homes in Golden

    Homes in Golden range from turn of the century cabins and bungalows that average 1000 square feet. To the North and directly to the West, there are larger family homes that reach 3,000 or more square feet. If you are focused on a walking to town, the homes will be modest in size.

    Colorado’s sun and snow, make garages very common for Golden homes.

    Searching online for Golden Homes can be confusing. The town name of “Golden” is used for a town name for everything north of I-70 and West to the Continental Divide. If you see a spacious home surrounded by pine trees at a much better price than expected, look at the drive time to Golden or Downtown Denver. The homes further out of town to the west offer incredible views and privacy. Just know there is quite a range as search Golden Homes.  Call me to help you find your perfect Golden Home.

    Other Options

    If Golden is financially out of reach, you have great options a little east in Arvada or South in Lakewood.