Buying a Home – What is Next

    Buying a Home – What is Next

    Whether it is your first home or your third, buying a home is exciting and rewarding. It is never too early to start working on your next steps.

    I believe in two home buying fundamentals.

    1. It is all about you.
    2. The more you know, the easier it is to make great decisions and negotiate.

    Below are the major steps in the home buying process.

    Learn neighborhoods. What is important to you about a neighborhood? Tell your agent. Drive through it. Visit the Schools. Check out the coffee shop. Calculate your potential commute. Understand what your purchase price will get you.

    Learn negotiation. What tricks are getting homes under contract in today’s market? What do seller’s what? What can you give that costs you very little? typical terms of contracts,

    Learn typical terms of contracts.  Ask your agent for a sample purchase contract so you understand the terms long before you are crafting your offer. That way you are focused only on the property, not the process.

    Build a winning team that consists of true advocates dedicated to your success. You need to interview your future lender and real estate agent and feel great about their abilities, products, and customer service.

    Get Pre-Approved for two reasons. One, you will shop and negotiate with confidence when you fully understand what you can spend and what each price point looks like in a payment. Second, when you see a home that excites you, it is important to be able to hustle with an offer and an approval letter.

    Find your home. Technology has greatly improved the buyer’s access to information. However, nothing beats seeing layouts and neighborhoods in person.

    Negotiate an offer. Information is your main asset. Know what the seller wants. Know what the seller should expect for a sold price. Most importantly, know the terms of an offer so you can offer the least and get the most. Your agent is crucial in this process.

    Due diligence. Your offer is a promise to purchase a home, in the future and only if the purchase makes sense after working through inspections, title, and full lending approval. On average, your due diligence will take 15 days and your closing will take place in 30 to 34 days after contract acceptance.

    Plan your move.  The title company will transfer water and sewer utilities to your name at closing. It is best to call ahead to coordinate the start of your electricity, gas, cable  and internet.

    Ready to shop? Do you have questions? Please introduce yourself and let us know how we can help.


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