Tired of Denver Traffic

    Are you tired of Denver traffic ? There has never been a better time in Denver history to change your commute to work. Generally, it is hard for road building to keep up with growth. It seems by the time they are finished, traffic has increased enough to negate the positive effect of the construction. Here are a few options for you.

    Take a Train if you are tired of Denver Traffic

    Denver has a growing light rail system that will have a lasting effect on the city.


    denver light rail map


    Eventually the system will connect Brighton and Longmont to Downtown Denver. Click here to connect directly to Denver’s RTD site. 

    Ride a Bike

    Denver is a very bike friendly city with paths in an around the city as well as public transportation that lets you bring the bike with you.  If you don’t have a bike, use Denver’s B Cycle bike share program.  You can rent a bike from a train station and ride it to another station and leave it.  Here is a link to rates and maps for bicycle.

    If you are riding from home, check out this link to Denver’s Bike Map. It is a huge pdf file so give it a minute while it loads.

    Don’t want to bike? or take a train? or sit in traffic?
    Look for your new home here.

    Denver Homes for Sale

    Selling a Denver Home


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