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    The Best Burgers in Sunnyside Denver


    The Best Burgers in Sunnyside Denver

    Its the 3rd of July.  You may be already asking yourself where are the best burgers in Sunnyside Denver.  You have come to the right page. This author stays up on subjects like burgers. There are really only two contenders.  I’ll start with the favorite first.

    Highland Tap & Burger

    Highland Tap & Burger is one of the best burgers in Sunnyside Denver.  Period.  Oh yeah, its in LoHi, but close enough for a great burger.

    The Shroom Luvas – This is the favorite and has won awards.  Its sauted mushrooms,  ementhaler cheese and white truffle ravioli .   It is so good and such a great blend of flavors.

    The Tap Burger –  Not really my second choice, just different.  Check out the toppings:  Eli’s root beer pulled pork, “Mamas Pilsner” onion ring, american cheese, cheddar cheese & our signature tap sauce.  It is sooooo good.

    HTB nails the fries and the beer list is excellent. They always have a large number of Colorado micro brews.   Go early if it is a friday or saturday night. The place fills up.

    Sunnyside Burger Bar

    HTB has grown in popularity so that now its a little harder to get a parking spot or a fast table at prime time. If you are not taking your kid and have time to get a beer at the bar, no biggie.

    Because we now take a four year old with us,  we started spending more time at Sunnyside Burger Bar.  It is now our go to and favorite. Part of that is the availability of tables and parking.  This corner of Sunnyside is changing, however, its not so packed that you cant find parking like LoHi.

    Moving on to food.  The burgers are not only great, but really creative.  I like a plain burger as much as the next person, however, these next two are fantastic.

    THE GAMBLER – pepper jack cheese / bacon / tangy slaw / fried avocado / bbq sauce.  Yup. Just awesome.  Its my first choice here.

    YANKEE ROSE – government cheese / grilled onion / potato chips / secret sauce. This one is a sleeper. The toppings are not that exotic, but it really works.

    Don’t miss the boozy shakes. Yes, booze and milkshakes. Just read the descriptions. You will not regret ordering one.

    Happy eating and 4th of July,


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