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    Sunnyside Denver Homes for Sale Under $300,000

    Sunnyside Denver Homes for Sale Under $300,000

    Who doesn’t want Sunnyside Denver Homes for Sale under $300,000. This list starts with the most affordable homes in Sunnyside. There are always a few “opportunities” at this price. Some may be smaller and some may need some work. Either way, just getting into Sunnyside under $300,000 is a feat.

    This is a live list of Sunnyside Denver Homes for Sale Under $300,000


    Get an Inspection

    If you decide to buy an affordable home that requires repair, please get an inspection and bring a licenced contractor to the inspection. Many older homes need updates to finishes and maybe a kitchen wall removed.  Those are easier to quantify as you consider investing in an older home.

    If you run into issues like asbestos, mold, broken sewer line and foundation issues,  a professional inspector, contractor and agent will help you understand both the cost as well as increase in value.

    If you need contractors or inspectors, please check out our service providers page

    Check out Sunnyside Denver Homes for Sale

    Local News : North Denver Tribune


    Getting the Right Loan

    There are two main types of loans for purchasing.   Please contact a lending professional to work on the perfect loan for your situation.  Click here for some of our favorite lenders.

    Conventional loans are common in today’s market. Typical conventional loans require 20% buyer investment which leaves a loan amount of 80% of the purchase.   Conventional loans offer the lowest interest rate for fixed rate loans.  With 20% down the bank’s risk of losing money if you default is greatly reduced.  As a result, the rate on this loan is the best you will see.

    FHA Loans are very common among first time home buyers.  This is a great product for the right situation. The benefits of an FHA loan are that they require just 3.5% down and the rules are lenient about seller paid closing costs.  The drawback to this loan type is the cost of mortgage insurance.  The cost is significant and will reduce your buying power (price) if compared to a conventional loan.  However, 3.5% down vs 20% is a gigantic benefit so the loans make sense for many buyers.




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