Four FREE Staging Tips

    Home sellers can lose buyers by not staging correctly. The four free staging tips below are more important than any home improvement. The photo is an example of one of my past sellers getting all four correct.

    Four Free Staging Tips

    1. Clean. Make it shine. If this is not your forte, hire professional cleaners to take your home to a level that will impress even a neat freak. Everyone likes clean. Few are ok with dirty.

    2. Bright!  Leave every light you have on for showings and photographs.

    3. Minimize use of storage space and counter tops. Note the shelves in the back by the window. They were full of boxes of cereal, baking supplies and dog food on the lower level when we first started talking about selling their home. They were able to get rid of some things and found a way to put the rest in closets.

    4. Create space.  The dining room table is moved close to the wall because this in an 1890 home that is typically narrow. Buyers feel there is space because they do not have to take turns walking around the table to get to the kitchen.

    Email me to get the full list of 47 ways to help your home sell faster.



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