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    Five Fast Free Home Staging Tips

    Here are my Five Fast Free Home Staging Tips.

    Make the experience of visiting your home as comfortable as nice as well… being at home.

    Logic gets buyers shopping and in your house. For example, they will go if your home matches the buyer’s requirements such as price, size, location and number of bedrooms.

    Emotion makes them act

    Buyers have all sorts of concerns and pressures as the make the largest financial decision most people ever make. If your home fits all the criteria, but it smells or its dark and cold, that is the memory the buyer is going to leave with. Buyers want to feel at home and want to stay in the home. When your home matches the search criteria and has an emotional tug, you will sell it, and the buyers will not think they need to nickle and dime you over your price.

    Pricing your home is an entirely different subject.

    Light –

    Open blinds. Turn on lights in each room. Light shows off all corners of a room. It also makes people feel comfortable. Horror movies are never shot in a well lit house.

    Sound –

    Have some music playing quietly. It may remind them of being at home with friends vs standing quietly in an empty stranger’s house.

    Smell –

    Your home has a smell be it bad or good. Smell is one of the strongest memory triggers. You are likely used to the smell of your house. It could either pets or it could the other end of the spectrum and too much air freshener. Either way, get a second opinion on your home’s smell from either your agent or a friend you trust.

    Nothing beats fresh air if the weather will allow it. If not, deal with litter boxes, smelly dog beds or anything else that will leave an impression. If your house is pretty neutral on smell, add a little air freshener or something to create a positive smell.

    Feel –

    Spend the extra money on utilities to make it warm in the winter and nice and cool with A/C in the summer. They will stay longer if they are comfortable.

    Minimize –

    Free up 40% of all shelf space and closet space. Make the buyers feel the home has more space than you need. Also, clean off your kitchen counter and dining room table. Hide the keys, the bills, your cell phone, the note pad and anything else you store in the open. Make them see there is a nice space to work with for either entertaining or cooking.

    These are just five of a list of 47 I review with sellers prior to listing a home. If you would like the complete list, please let me know.


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