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    Find me a Real Estate Agent in Denver CO

    Find me a Real Estate Agent in Denver CO

    You just asked your phone this question. Here is my best answer as a 10 year veteran to the business.


    1. Ask awkward questions.

    Hiring a Real Estate Agent is just like hiring for any job.  Ok, you met an agent that is friends with your friend.  Most agents can be charming and tell you why they are so great.   Your job is to ask the questions they might not want you to ask.  Here are a few for you to use.

    Tell me average list price to your average closed price. Meaning. If you list for $100, do you on average sell for $95? 97?  99?  These are big numbers to understand. long before you list your home with someone.

    Tell me an example of a tough seller and how you handled it?  Did it sell?

    What is your plan for communication with us?

    – What is your process for pricing a home?

    – What is your process for staging a home?


    2. Research each agent you interview.  

    Here are a few online resources.

    Zillow.com  – look at agent reviews

    Yelp.com – same opportunity. Not as used by all agents.

    Recolorado.com/AgentSearch/Search.aspx – Or your local MLS board. This link is just for agents that are members of the Denver Board of Realtors


    3. Call References

    Every agent was new at one point. If an agent does not have references or any business yet, contact the agent that is mentoring them and research that agent.


    4.  Ask to see the agents activity / sales history

    Do they have an experience in the specific neighborhood where you are selling or considering buying?  Experience counts


    5. Google.. ah yes.. google.

    Maybe this is how you found this page titled “Find me a Real Estate Agent in Denver CO” . Not all agents work to create an online presence. As a result, some will have a minimal presence online. Minimal, but complete is ok.  However, they need to at least have a plan for working online to promote your interests.  Here are a few facts from realtor.com regarding 2014 online home buyer behavior

    • Thirty-three percent of recent home buyers were first time buyers, which is still suppressed from the historical norm of 40 percent among primary residence buyers.
    • For 43 percent of home buyers, the first step in the home-buying process was looking online for properties and 12 percent of home buyers first looked online for information about the home buying process.
    • Ninety-two percent of buyers use the internet in some way in their home search process and 50 percent of buyers use a mobile website or application in their home search.

    source: http://www.realtor.org/reports/highlights-from-the-2014-profile-of-home-buyers-and-sellers


    4. Forward the agents this page before the interview

    You will get better results if the agents are prepared after reading: ” Find me a Real Estate Agent in Denver CO ”


    5. Trust your gut.

    For many this is the main factor in the decision process.  There is a lot of money on the line. You deserve to feel great about your decision. Do not rush it. If you are unsure, keep interviewing.

    Happy home shopping!





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