Best Real Estate Apps and Software

    Best Real Estate Apps and Software

    Everyone has their favorites. It is pretty easy to spend a great deal of time, money and phone memory looking for the perfect software for a career in Real Estate.  I did. Hopefully, this shortcuts someone else’s time looking for the right mix for their business. Below are the apps that have made the biggest impact in my day to day.

    Swipes –

    Swipes is the newest one to this group. It is an extremely simple app that lets you snooze tasks and organize them. What sets this one apart is that the snooze options make a ton of sense with options like, next week, tonight, three hours later, tomorrow and quite a few others. Once you snooze an item is gone from the current list. It lets you prioritize very quickly and never lose a task. The app is free.

    Boomtown –

    This is the best online lead generator, CRM and MLS combination I have used. The program really only makes sense once you have a buyers agent or two that can work web leads. The cost is too high for an individual agent. Boomtown seems to have the market cornered for larger teams working web leads. There quite a few other options that are more affordable, however, this is what we use for our team of four.


    This might seem obvious. However, Calendar, Voice, Gmail, and Hangouts are relatively simple, free and easy to integrate with others.

    BombBomb –

    BombBomb is an affordable and well thought out video message delivery service. The integration with Gmail allows you to respond within Gmail with video responses. For working colder leads, bombbomb is great at humanizing the interactions.

    Evernote –

    Evernote is my catch-all for notes that are either longer or web links to share at a future date. When I am with a buyer or seller taking notes on the fly, Evernote allows me to take pictures and write notes in the same doc and seamlessly syncs it to the web version and my laptop version.  The free version is all that I have needed so far.

    Dropbox –

    Dropbox allows you to keep all your files available no matter your platform. The interface is simple and works well with your phone, iPad and laptop. The ability to share folders in a team setting is priceless. We barely print anything since we can take any file with us.

    Lastpass –

    Once you go LastPass, you won’t go back. This is clever password manager that not only works across all platforms but it will integrate with google chrome and help you auto populate your user id and passwords.  The kicker with this system is that LastPass will grade your overall password security and let you know what passwords you need to change. It will even change passwords for you.

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